Canned Responses and Less Accounting integration

June 8th, 2010 by Richard Felix

Thanks to all of our great beta testers, who’ve been giving us great feedback and suggestions so far. One thing that we were asked for a short while ago was canned responses. Basically, we got a phone call from a customer who said that Dispatch was a great fit for what he does with his company (we love hearing things like that, it means we’re on the right track around here!) but in particular, he described a need for canned responses, where he can create a library of frequently typed text. Dispatch will never use this text to reply to a message with, but it will be useful to him when handling requests. When he replies to messages, he types the same things a lot, and he wants to be able to easily insert bits of text into his replies. Now, he can, and you can too! You can add/select canned responses right from any request page.  Just go to a request, click the “Respond to this message” button, and you’ll see a section there where you can add canned responses.  Once you’ve saved one or more,  a dropdown will appear and you’ll be able to pick from the canned responses that you’ve saved.  When you select the one you want, its text will be inserted into your reply.

Today we are also announcing that we now have import/export support for Less Accounting. You can export your contacts between Dispatch and Less Accounting in both directions, and when they eventually support token based authentication (we’re told it’s coming eventually), we’ll have full integration as we do with Highrise, where all new contacts created in Dispatch are automatically created in Less Accounting. Exciting!

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