Farewell, Dispatch. Hello, Dispatch.

February 20th, 2012 by Richard Felix

As many of you know, we released Dispatch in August of 2010 as our first product. We were super proud of what we’d built as a company. In our side projects, many people were asking lots of the same types of questions, and we decided that we could build a system that recognized when people asked a question that we already knew the answer to. It would automatically respond to those, passing the request up to a human if the question wasn’t successfully answered. We were initially pretty successful (we still use Dispatch every day to stay on top of support for Dispatch, Are My Sites Up White Label, and our other products), but eventually the market yawned and growth stalled out. We still have a number of awesome customers who have been with us for awhile, and Dispatch is profitable, but we want to be a company that makes great products that solve unique problems, and not very many people have the problem that Dispatch was built to solve. The market for customer support products with advanced auto-response features has grown dramatically in the last year too, and there are really good alternatives for customer support now.

In talking with potential Dispatch customers, we found that the parts of email that really need automating are cases where a human has to take time out of their day to enter information from one computer system into another computer system, or when they want to be notified of something in ways that are better than email, but don’t have the time or coding skill to make it happen. For instance, an order comes in on your website and you want the customer to be automatically added to your email list. Or, say you’d like to send a welcome email to each new sign-up for your web app. Or, what if you’d like to add new entries from a form on your website to your Highrise account? What if you want to get an SMS or voice call whenever you get a match on a Google Alert?

Enter the new Dispatch. In order to build a system that allows for this, we need to rethink what Dispatch is, and re-build it from the ground up. So, to that end, we’ve made the bittersweet decision to reboot Dispatch. We’re closing new signups for Dispatch now, giving our current customers enough time to migrate from Dispatch to another customer support system. We recommend (http://www.desk.com/ and http://zendesk.com). We’ll shut down the current version of Dispatch in a few weeks and bring it back to life as something new. It’ll still be named Dispatch, still focused on automating certain types of email, but with a different focus.

Thanks to our current customers for believing in Dispatch and its mission. As it changes, we hope you’ll join us. If you’re interested in knowing when we launch, sign up here and we’ll let you know as soon as we launch the beta.

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  1. Really looking forward to seeing what you guys are offering next.

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