Introducing Dispatch/Highrise Integration!

May 24th, 2010 by Richard Felix

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are pretty good that if you’re reading this blog you’ve also heard of 37Signals, a company that is known for making products that are powerful but simple to use. They make a product called Highrise, which is a web-based CRM, letting you keep track of people, their contact information, leads, deals and more.

As of this past weekend, Dispatch integrates nicely with Highrise, so those of you who have existing Highrise accounts and want to have your contacts in both Highrise and Dispatch can do so easily. You can import your Dispatch contacts into Highrise, export your Highrise contacts into Dispatch, and even have all new contacts created in Dispatch automatically added to your Highrise account. This means that if you add a new contact in Dispatch or receive a new request from someone who’s not in your Dispatch account, they automatically show up in your Highrise account. Pretty sweet!

Here’s how you turn on integration:
For the more advanced users among you, just copy your Highrise URL and API Key into the blanks given to you on your Dispatch Settings page, check off whether you want for Dispatch to push new contacts to Highrise, and hit Save.  You can then find links to Import/Export between Dispatch and Highrise on your Contacts page.

If you need a little more help with getting your Dispatch account to talk to Highrise, no sweat!

Open up a text editor… TextEdit, Notepad, etc.

1. In your Highrise account, click on the Account tab.

On top of the page you’re sent to, you’ll see a website address. Copy the bold part of that and paste it into your text file.

2. Now, click on the My info link on the top right of your Highrise account. On the page you’re taken to, click the API Token link.

3. Copy your API token and paste it into your text document.

4. In your Dispatch account, go to your Settings page.

5. Look for the Highrise section, near the bottom, and paste the information that you copied into your text file into their corresponding fields.

6. If you want for Dispatch to send all new contacts created in it to your Highrise account, check the box, and save.

Now, your Highrise account and Dispatch accounts are connected, and you’ll find links to import/export between Highrise and Dispatch on your Contacts page and your Settings page, and Dispatch will send new contacts to Highrise automatically if you’ve told it to.

Pretty cool!

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