Kissinsights, your pricing is all wrong. Here’s why.

February 10th, 2011 by Richard Felix

So the other day I was using a web app and all of a sudden this little window slid up from the bottom corner of my screen and asked for some feedback on it. I answered the question it asked, and it happily slid away. “That’s a pretty awesome way to get feedback from people on my web apps!”, I thought. So, I tracked down the widget that made it all possible. It’s Kissinsights, by internet maven Neil Patel‘s company. So I decided to give it a go. I get to the plans page, and there are only 2 options: Free and $29 a month. That’s a little bit of a jump in price, I think. Even the feature that they do offer on both the free and paid plans (Unlimited surveys) is limited immediately because you can only have 30 responses, and it’s not clear from the table if that’s per survey or overall.) Also, what happens when you hit the limit? Are your responses saved for you to see when you upgrade? Does the form just shut down?


I believe that products like this are best sold to users once they have had the ability to see if it actually makes a difference and helps them to better serve their customers. The free plan is so hobbled that you can’t realistically use it to get any useful feedback, and the difference between the premium and free plan is so great that I think that some people (including myself) get immediately turned off. For startups like mine who are building web apps, we’d love to buy into something like this, but you have to prove your value to us before we’re going to start giving you what is at least one customer per month for us. However, if you convert just one new customer per month for us, you’re paying for yourself.

So, what I suggest is that Kissinsights move to a 30 day free trial with one survey, and unlimited responses to that survey. This would give people 30 days to install it and start using it. If I could get insight into why people aren’t buying my product, iterate and start getting new customers because of it, I (and certainly many more people) would gladly pay $29 a month for it.

Or, maybe the pricing is a genius, calculated move. Maybe it’s just meant to inspire posts like these, which get people talking about the product. Neil is a smart guy, I wouldn’t put it past him!

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  1. Hey Richard,

    KISS Insights is really cool, I actually was using a knock off of it I made for WordPress and Gravity forms. Looks very similar and functions much the same way.

    You can check it out here:

    Only problem it requires WordPress & GravityForms, but I was tempted to make a WordPress Plug-in that did just that. It’s a great product but it shouldn’t be something that requires residual $30/month.

  2. This is really good, love it. I hope Neil Patel sees this.

  3. I agree with you but the answers are kept for you after your limit until you pay the monthly fee. I built a survey like kissinsights at It works like kissinsights and free at the moment. I am still working on it especially the design but it is fully functional.

  4. So, finally there’s a better survey product which offers you more capabilities. I invite you to try out WebEngage – It has deeper targeting capabilities (e.g. targeting survey only at search engine visitors etc). And, I believe, the pricing makes sense too :)

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