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February 13th, 2011 by Richard Felix

Well, we built it! We’ve been tracking uptime/downtime stats and response times on Are My Sites Up White Label in the background for months now, but it took us a little while to build the graphs into the system. They are in there now. David did a great job with them, and we’re both pretty excited to get this out the door, as it’s been a much requested feature. Just click on any site in your list and you’ll be taken to a detail page for it, where you’ll be able to see the last 2 weeks of stats, graphed out so you can more easily see how your site behaves over time. If you hover over any data point, you can see the exact value for that date.


Next, we’re going to be adding the ability to pass in a date range so you can get more customized views of your site data, and of course at any time you can export a CSV of all historical data that we have for your site.

Hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks for using AMSUWL.

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