The all new Dispatch.

July 24th, 2012 by Richard Felix

We went back to the drawing board on Dispatch, based on feedback from our customers and our needs as small business owners. For almost a year, we’ve been building a lot of technology to make the new Dispatch both powerful and amazingly simple. We even went back to the drawing board and rebuilt part of Dispatch while we were re-building it because it just wasn’t good enough. Now, we believe that it is. It’s the best app we’ve ever made.

If you get lots of automated email that is important to your business, and it usually has the same format and comes from the same addresses, Dispatch was made for you. Some of the common types: New customer signups, new orders on your online store, payment notifications, email notifications from your blog, overage warnings, receipts, website downtime alerts and much more. Basically, if you have an inbox full of a bunch of emails that have similar subject lines, like in the image below, Dispatch can perform actions based on those emails. It even has webhook support, so you can literally build an API for your automated email.

Inbox that needs Dispatch's help

So what are you waiting for? Check it out at! You’re really going to love it.

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