We got tired of writing code to handle webhooks.

September 10th, 2012 by Richard Felix

As a small Rails development shop, we don’t have a lot of time or extra employees to throw at tasks, so we try to automate as much as possible. This means that we use web apps like Stripe, Intercom, Chargify and others to stay on top of things. The problem is, every new service that we sign up for has its own format for webhooks, so we find ourselves writing the same kind of code to do the same things, like sending us notifications about new activity in these services via SMS, or adding customers to our email list.

We thought, what if we could take any webhook (or email for that matter, for services that don’t have them, like iTunes Connect or Authorize.net), pull info out of them with a few clicks and perform actions with them? The result was Dispatch.

With Dispatch, you can not only take any webhook or structured email, pull info out of them and perform actions that we’ve already created, you can also get a webhook as output. This means that you can write webhook handling code once in your apps, send Dispatch any arbitrary webhook, pick the keys that you want Dispatch to output, and get just the data that you want posted directly to your webhook handling code.

If you’re reading this and thinking, I need something like this in my life YESTERDAY, we’d love to have you kick the tires on our service. It’s in limited public beta now, and for a limited time you can go here and sign up.

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