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January 26th, 2011 by Richard Felix

Boy, it’s crazy to think that we haven’t posted on here in a month! We’ve had our heads down building requested features on Are My Sites Up White Label about as fast as people have been requesting them.

In the last month, we’ve added:

Response Time/up/down reports that are exportable to CSV.
Average response time for sites
RSS Feeds for site statuses
Voice Call Notifications (so you actually get a phone call notifying you of your site status when it changes)
an API, so our customers can build whatever they want on top of it and integrate AMSUWL better with their systems.
The ability to Import all of your clients and their websites from Basecamp and Highrise, and to export back into Highrise.
SMTP checking (we check to see if your email servers are up and functional)
A new design for the sales site
and lots more.

Next up, we are building pretty stats and graphs into the system, so you can more easily see your uptime and downtime trends. Good times!

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